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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Alternative Fashion Pt. 1

I have no problem with alternative style, in most cases (so don't get me started on What Not To Wear. Heavens). So I thought I'd do a short series of posts about some various fashion scenes. Today, I'm going to focus on this picture my friend from Finland sent me today to show how he usually looks.
I'm really unsure of what I think of goth fashion. I own a pair of Tripp pants with chains and stuff all over them, but I don't generally wear them unless I feel like lounging around the house. I had a phase in middle school where I hated everything, and I generally dressed with all black wearing too much makeup. I think that if you've got the guts to dress like this in public, more power to you. I personally don't. I dislike the image that gets put out by this - the violence, anger, and hate. By dressing like this, people are giving themselves the image of, well, a hooligan. I know plenty of nice kids who dress in a lot of black, in black makeup all the time, and even some who do wear the corpse paint and stuff, but there's an image surrounding this look, and people are scared of it because of what it's associated with.
People who dress like this can't complain when security watches them in stores, or something, because they do have the look of a troublemaker about them. People are judgmental things, and when we see people who display symbols of hate and darkness (the inverted cross) or violence (the red paint - blood), it's generally going to be a given that people are going to see you as someone who is hateful and angry and violent; that's the image you're projecting.

Having said all of that, I like some goth fashion a lot. Goth women's clothing can be astoundingly pretty, and you can find some really awesome stuff (like some of the stuff at The Kinky Angel, pardon the questionable name). It depends on how and where you wear it, really. I'm cool with people dressing like this for weekends and going out and stuff, but in a situation like school, you're just making yourself a target and every time something like a bomb threat happens, you will be the first one who is talked to about it.

-- Spoon <3

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