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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Two in a row, whoops.

So, now it's shout-out time.
There's a blogger whom I read on a regular basis. She's pretty much awesome, and she's the whole reason I was inspired to start having a real blog for real, so here's to Punky of PunkyStyle, and her fantastic fashionable ways!

Punky, dressed fashionably as ever, with the Haberdash, her mobile vintage store.

One reason I love how she dresses is how seamlessly she blends modern fashion with a vintage look and a bit of rock and roll and a bit of strangeness (there are some animal masks I don't quite get) to create a look that's pretty fantastic. Her exploits are well worth the read.

So def def go check out her site. She's gotten all sorts of mentions, been on TV for her fantasticalness, and whatnot.

Tata once more. It's most definItely time to be done for the night.

-- Spoon <3

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