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Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's best to start out with a bang?

Ugh. Scarlett. What. Were. You. Thinking?
There is so much wrong with this getup that I'm not ENTIRELY certain where to start.
Let's start at the top and work downwards, eh?

The hair is actually lovely. I really think it's got this wonderful, soft feminine look about it that really suits her face. She's so gorgeous anyways and she's got all this fantastic hair.
In general, I like the red lipstick look, but right here it's a little questionable. I think it's the shade of red, or maybe it's just a bad photo. They make her lips look a bit GIGANTIC in her face. Questionable, much?
The shirt: no. See-through with a white bra? Tacky! What's that white pattern between her breasts? It looks like she's got some sort of claw or something. Not really a fan of this part. At... all...
The jeans? I'm generally pretty apathetic on high-waisted jeans. I mean, they look really good on some people and really bad on others. the fact that the jeans are lighter than her top gives the visual effect of widening her already wide hips. She's got a gorgeous figure that this just doesn't flatter at all! Combined with her black shirt, they really makes her look significantly more bottom heavy than she is. The pants also look a little short to me. Maybe that's a matter of personal taste, but I personally wear my pants long, which brings me to...
The shoes. Is it just me or does she have like a petal coming out of her foot? What is this nonsense, Scarlett?


-- A Spoon

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