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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Wowza, the girl next to me is writing too. But I think she’s writing for class – it’s about fur. xD I’m such a creeper.
Anyways. Today, I’d like to make a shout-out to a lovely blog I read, which is Maidens of Worth. Anna and Miriam describe themselves as “Two maidens desiring to be maidens of worth in God's sight”. I really appreciate reading their words, because even though our worlds are vastly, vastly different, we’re all young women growing up in a world in which it’s hard to live in a holy way.

Anna, Miriam, and any other girls who make the choice to live modestly have to make a lot of really difficult decisions. What’s immodest? Is this shirt okay, if it’s under another one? Are these pants immodest because they’re too tight?
I once read a really interesting question, although now I can’t remember where I read it for the life of me…
Is it immodest to wear a bathing suit on a nudist beach, thereby drawing attention to your own body?

Now granted, I wouldn’t be on a nudist beach at all, unless maybe I was in Europe, but even so, there will be people there in swimsuits as well. defines modest (in terms of dress) as “having or showing regard for the decencies of behavior”. In today’s world, though, I don’t think that’s necessarily right. I know that some of my behavior would drive my Victorian or earlier ancestors to despair, but to some of my friends it’s so old fashioned its crazy!

Here’s Anna this past November with a friend (Anna’s the one in the brown skirt). I can’t dress like that. A) I can’t get the clothes, even if they would suit me, and B) they wouldn’t suit me at ALL.

Here’s a different woman, Alex Curran. She’s not immodest – ostentatious, yes, but not immodest. She’s not showing off excessive skin. My only qualm is that her heels are REALLY, REALLY high. Not something you want to walk around in for a while. That’s more of a practicality, though, than an actual issue with modesty.
So what am I wearing? I can’t take a picture of it now (although actually, my friend might. Who knows. She’s going to take pictures of me, as usual, in like five minutes. Acks, better write faster), but I’m wearing flamboyant skinny jeans (they’re turquoise with black checkerboard pattern on them!), under a dark grey/black short dress with brown boots and a black button down with pearl buttons. That could hardly be called immodest. Flamboyant, maybe, but not immodest (it’s the pants). Personally, I don’t wear these pants without a very long shirt or a dress over them because the zipper hates me and doesn’t stay zipped and I’d rather not be embarrassed in public.

So, I totally forgot where I was going with this. Oops. Well, new point!
I think that modest dress is overall more attractive and better. A girl who can dress herself modestly, without showing off all of her, uhm, assets, has class. She doesn’t need to show off her skin because she’s got something else. In not showing off everything ever, she’s leaving a bit to the imagination, letting you wonder. Isn't wondering better than knowing everything all at once?

Being immodest also makes you look, well, cheap. After a point, you'll just end up being almost abhorrent to the people who see you because they're naturally turned OFF by someone looking cheap.

Granted there are exceptions to every rule.
But seriously.
Cover it up.

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  1. lol, those pants ARE pretty ridic xD

    but def agreed on the modesty thing.