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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This is a title...

So it’s Wednesday! Which meaaans that it’s day 3 of my week in feminine dress. And today I found a dress. =D It’s from the Gap and has tons of little O’s all over it. I like it a lot! It’s empire waist and pretty. A tank dress! That’s what it’s called. Can’t you tell I’m a little tired?
So today I’ve been listening to Sixx:AM and stuff and it makes me want to dance or be all badass but mildly ‘80s looking. Not a good look for me, haha!

You know whose style I’m totally in love with? Fashionwise, anyways. Gala (another blogger of strategic WIN proportions. I agree with her about just about nothing serious – or at least not her methods and stuff – but she’s just the cutest thing ever and is very witty and fun!), and Carla Bruni, well, French political women in general. But when she’s in public, she’s just so pretty and well put together and such. And in this picture I found of her next to Rachida Dati (the justice minister, to whom Bruni was – pardon my French – a huge bitch) I was like “whyyyy are the French so fashionable!?” And then I remembered that it’s France and that’s what they’re known for.

Carla Bruni (L) and Rachida Dati (R)

I like how professional and yet unique Bruni looks. Her grey suit is nice and reserved, which is always good for a political figure. American political women tend to rock the suit. Not. I like how the belt and the purple jacket add a fun bit of playfulness to an otherwise boring outfit.
And Ms. Dati is just... Oh my. (Does anyone know the proper title for a female French justice minister??) I love how her outfit is so simple and then you have this AWESOME floral skirt and those boots which only a French politician would ever really be able to wear without being criticized for wearing stripper boots (Well, she might have been but I don't speak much French and it's unlikely she'll be talking about grapefruit...). But the shoes like perfectly match her belt and the skirt and top match so well and her skirt is just FABULOUS. My only problem is that the top seems very casual BUT anything much dressier would have made her be TOO busy since the skirt is the focal point of the outfit.

Also, just as a side note. Rachida Dati is in her 40's. She looks FANTASTIC.

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