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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Week in Feminine Dress

So, this week I'm doing an experiment. The girls at Maidens of Worth did something a while back where for a week they wore only skirts and other modest clothing. I decided to try it, because I have a lot of clean skirts and I'm too lazy to wash my jeans AND it's really really hot out.
Let me define feminine dress first: I will dress modestly and feminine-ly all week. Skirts every school day, and modest shirts. Generally looking like a lady.

Day 1
So, yesterday was my first day. I wore a high-waisted skirt brown tweed-type skirt that hits my knees almost and a Kinks Phobia Tour shirt my dad gave me, with the sleeves tied up. It was a little difficult to wear because I worry all the time that the movement of my backpack against the back of my skirt will make it ride up and I'll have a serious wardrobe malfunction. I think overall it went well though! It helps that I got a bunch of compliments on my clothes and how cute I looked! n__n;

Day 2
This would be today. I decided to go away from the skirt route and wear a dress today. My dress ias black with white polka dots. It hits my knees and looks like a 1950's swing dress. I love it! It was a gift from my friend Kei, and I wore it for my rockabilly costume at halloween. <3. It's the bomb. The fabric is light enough that I can wear it all day in the heat (it's 84! in May!!) and not be too hot. I have a blue tshirt with darker blue polka dots underneath it. I already got one person telling me how nice and cool i looked, and how cute my dress is. :D I'd like it a lot better with a big belt, but I don't own one.


Anyways, that's what i've been up to for my week of feminine dress so far. It's pretty cool, I think, to do this.
I think I do it because I want to be more ladylike in what i do. It's hard to be un-ladylike when I'm in a skirt. Much easier in a pair of jeans. I'm not going to switch out of my jeans permanently because I love them too much. And certainly I can't get rid of my shorts; what would I do gym in otherwise?
I like skirts! I do! I know that makes me weird and I have one feminist (feminazi?) friend who will tell me that dressing like this means i'm just conforming to what society deems feminine etc etc. But I like it! I do! To me, wearing skirts and dresses is cool because it's something that women can do that men can't really do in public (unless it's a kilt in which case I wholeheartedly approve). I think it's feminine and people shouldn't argue with me because I like it, and it's me saying "To me this is femininity, and I'm going to do this because this helps me to feel empowered as a woman." Sort of like I think the truest feminists can say that they don't want to work outside the home, and that they want to stay home and be homemakers and housewives. But I guess most people don't agree with me. Oh well, I'm obviously the coolest one around (kidding!).
Sorry, I know this mostly wasn't fashion-related. But in a way it was. This is a week in which I'm rediscovering my feminine side, and not dressing in jeans and tshirts every day like I often do. It's where I put thought into what I'm wearing and what image that portrays.
Peace out, guys!

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