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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"It is, in my view, the duty of an apple to be crisp and crunchable...

...but a pear should have such a texture as leads to silent consumption."
Ha, Floam thought she was getting her summer post. Silly Floam. NOT TODAY.
Today I'm writing for a different friend because I like her! This friend ia a PEAR shape. Like me! (well, I'm slim so I can lie and say I'm an hourglass as long as I don't gain weight. XD)

Friend describes herself as kind of hippy and boobs that are there if you REALLY look for them.


Starting at the top once more...

To make your top look bigger, wear light colors, patterns, textured fabric. Anything that really keeps the attention there rather than elsewhere (as an example of this, i'm wearing a high waisted black skirt today and a BRIGHT BLUE tank top with white stripes).

Because the Pear is smaller on top, she can get away with wearing all sorts of fancy patterns and fancy necklines. All those shirts with ruffles on the neck or built in folds that make normally-sized girls look HUUUGE? You can wear them and not look ridiculous! It's great!

See those ruffles? That's cool. That's a good look for you.

Wide, draped necklines look good on you, too, Pear! They accentuate the bust and draw attention to your face and neck, as well as making them look more elegant and graceful. Look for draped necklines, wide necklines, V-neck shirts, scoop neck, boat neck tops, anything really, that leaves a lot of area wide on your collarbone area. Also, collarbones are sometimes considered to be one of the sexiest parts of a woman's body, so there's that too. XD

I'm not too keen on the color of this shirt, but it does show what i want it to! :D It drapes and moves right for what I wanted to show. All those folds and drapes and stuff! Mmm.

Do we have to talk about our bottom halves...?
Yes. Yes we do. It's okay, Pear. You're ~womanly~. All those curves down south? They're cool because they mean you can have lots of healthy babies. Which means that boys see that subconsciously and are like O__O HOT.
Wear dark colors on the bottom (so darkwashed jeans, dark trousers/skirts anything else).

Wide legged pants help to hide your thighs a bit, and they also make your whole figure look more balanced in general. Remember: Balance. High waisted jeans will make you look rounder there, so I wouldn't go with those unless you're sure you can pull them off. Mid-rise jeans are best, with plain pockets and seams. Adding visual interest there just makes your hips look wider, after all.
Look at those nice jeans. Yes ma'am!

A-line and flared skirts look best on pear shapes because they don't cling to the hips and instead skim right over them to show off your (usually) buttkicking calves and such. Once more, go for simple, dark styles. Here's a place where you can get away with high waisted clothes, so run with it to play up those pretty tops!

Obviously, her colors are backwards but that's okay because her skirt's so plain and her top is patterned.

Accesories, yuss?
Well, shoes aren't accessories, but pointed shoes will make your figure look longer and more elegant. Avoid stilettos, but go with nicer elegant heels, and seriously don't wear chunky shoes, since they'll make you look, well, chunky! Remember, open toed shoes look better than closed-toed shoes (and they're good for painted toenails!)
As a Pear, you can wear lots of accessories successfully, so run with the layered necklaces because they'll add visual interest at your bust, which makes your figure more balanced. Don't go crazy though!



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